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Hangin at Coyote Creek - Louisiana State Championship in 7 weeks

Dusty Sometimes

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Quick update for everybody:  Our range and large clubhouse at the Bayou Bounty Hunters in Amite, LA survived Hurricane Ida and our state match is still a go!  We'd like to cordially invite y'all to our 3 day, Hangin at Coyote Creek / Louisiana State Championship Nov 12th - 14th.  We're forecasting 4-5 Posses, 10+ campers on site and shooters from Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Michigan, Arkansas and North Dakota.


We have very unique buckles for LA resident category winners with big Concho's from Molly's for out of state winners and 2nd & 3rd place winners.  Lunches are included and our Saturday night banquet raffle will offer a Ruger RPR long range rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, a 1911 WB pistol, a Dillon 750 press, a carved western SASS cow skull, a box of Pres. Trump M&M's from Air Force One and a Solaris, smokeless portable firepit.  All stages are based on great stages from other great matches that many of us missed last year.  We borrowed stages from Winter Range, Land Run, Comin at Cha and Rootin Tootin Shootin in MS. so our shooters can experience what SASS shooters are doing at other great matches, but with our targets. 


We'd love to have you visit us for a match where we've truly spared no expense.  Email Dusty_Sometimes@yahoo.com for more info or visit our BBH website. 


Dusty Sometimes

Club Treasurer & TG

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