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How many guns could we buy

Trigger Mike

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I’d have pairs of every model and caliber! Oh and I’d buy a bunch for family and friends too!!

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If I had the money I want I'd buy California, sort out the idiots, fumigate the whole place, put a fifty foot high fence along the southern border all the way east to Texas and let the people who think like we do run it.

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Just making sure.


There's a series of books about an ex cop named Mitch Tobin. In the first book, right after he had been forced to retire, he decided to build a concrete block fence around his backyard. With no gate. The only way to get in the backyard would be to come through the house.


Sounded interesting, although Mr Westlake never explained how Mr Tobin was going to cut the front yard. Take the lawn mower through the house to get to the front yard, then back through the house to put it in the tool shed?

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