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32s for 38s ?? Done.


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I know a lady that has been shooting a pair of 32 HR/Mag Blue/CC Rugers for a year now.  She sent them to Shotgun Boggie  about a month ago for his Short Stroke installation and got them back last week. They are nice, but now she has decided that she is tired of loading for a 38 rifle and 32 revolvers. She has fancy leather that would need to be replaced too. (petite) I told her I would keep my eyes open and that she might be able to swap them for what she wants. I was able to do it with my wife's 32s a couple years back.  My question is this.... Is the 32 craze still going on? Is this a likely scenario? 



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Howdy Snakebite.


Personally speaking, I think some of the '.32 craze' has eased up somewhat.

When the .32 H&R Marlins became basically extinct and out of reasonable price range for

most everyone, the pistol demand dimenished a little also.


BUT..... a trade such as you have mentioned is highly probable.   A lot of folks have multiple sets

of .38's and there are still folks who would like some .32 Rugers....... as long as they don't have to

dish out their life savings to get them.


I love my .32's and still shoot them.   But I also shoot a Marlin .32 H&R.

Great combo.


Just my opin.




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4 minutes ago, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

Could she have the 32's changed over to 38's.

I know of a shooter that had 32's changed over to 38 colts.

That might be more trouble than it's worth for her and even if she did it she would still be loading two different cartridges. 

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When people noticed the 32 recoil is often times more than a 38, think the trend faded.  Lighter gun seems to magnify the recoil impulse and seems to results in more muzzle rise.  Talking about the Single Six framed 32's.  Still have not fired my full sized RV and lucky to find a second Marlin that has not been fired yet.

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1 hour ago, Deuce Stevens SASS#55996 said:

I had the only pair of 32’s I had left in the safe converted to .38 spl. and had octagons installed while I was at it. 


Now that's cool. I guess it might be an option after all. I'm sure she would like to keep the small frames. 

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11 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

Deuce are you using those as your main match pistols?

No, I had these built for my little girl. She’ll be shooting soon. 

11 hours ago, Stump Water said:

Deuce, who did that work, please?

Boomstick Jay did the work. 

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