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Can't see all my old posts anymore -- Anyone know how to fix it?

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Hi Folks:
Used to be that if I went to my profile, and clicked on “See My Activity” many many pages of my past posts would come up for me to view.
Lately I get only about my last 10 posts.
What gives -- How do I see my older posts?

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I think they introduced some bugs with the last forum update. Last night I couldn't get the search function to find a thread that was on page 8.


Tried again today and search still isn't working correctly. Even a google advance search doesn't turn up a thread on page 15

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Mine shows about 30 posts going back to Tuesday of last week and that's it.

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I also only see 10 there, but this link:




Should take you to 14 pages of your posts.


Not sure if the site is still indexing (per message up for days at top of page), or if there is a change in the forum software.

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I have more than ten in that place my profile, the oldest in my list is about the forum software update. 


I suspect everyone's profile only shows posts made since the update.

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I can’t see any of the saloon unless I click on the most recent saloon posting on the forums page otherwise the saloon screen is white, any ideas? I emptied the browser content and it worked twice and now it’s constant.

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