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Marlin/Ruger Transfer Completed

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So now Ruger owns Marlin Manufacturing. BMC is getting close to check out time. BMC wants his Grandson to inherit his Marlin 1894.

Problem: BMC does not know if he is unloading an albatross on his Grandson, or a gift. Since Ruger took over, it appears that their first

thought is to protect the Ruger Line (I understand that) and then make some additional bucks off the Marlin line.


My guess is that at some point replacement parts will be needed for outstand Marlin production prior to Ruger's takeover.

Who will make them, Ruger or after market production by independent producers? Any thoughts?

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First and foremost, it'll be a treasured keepsake for grandson.  That's the most important thing.  ;)

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1 minute ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

First and foremost, it'll be a treasured keepsake for grandson.  That's the most important thing.  ;)

Well, perhaps. But it is a dang fine rifle. And he has two sons that perhaps one day, will ask about it. I would like for him to be able to show them how old river runners did it in the distant past. Didn't say I knew how to use one. :)

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If Ruger re-introduces Marlin products without changes they will be the source of parts. However I don't see them tooling up to make parts for discontinued models. There's no profit in selling parts alone if they're not surplus from the rifle production lines.

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I would never worry about finding replacement parts.  If Ruger does not make a particular part, there's a good chance that another aftermarket manufacturer will.  And if not, there have been so many rifles built there will pretty much always be used parts.  Also, many parts are interchangeable with other models.


In all the years I've shot Marlins the only part I've had to replace is a screw I lost; but I understand that ejectors and magazine springs may be potential "weak" parts.  And these are commonly available.  Marlins are by nature simple and rugged; if grandson can wear it out, well... he will have to work at it mighty hard, and undoubtedly have a ton o' fun doing it.


And let's put off that "check out time" a few more years...!  ^_^




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I've rebuild derelict old Marlin 1894s.  I've repaired others.  There are companies making parts for these guns that are over 100 years old.  Wisner is one.




There is also parts available on ebay.  


A good hedge is to get spare extractor and ejector.  Magazine spring.  Another set of screws. These are the parts that are most likely to fail or get lost.  


I've never heard of anyone wearing a Marlin 1894 out but metal parts can be TIG welded and repaired. 




I shot this Marlin 1889 made in 1891 in the match last Saturday. Needed nothing but a good cleaning. 

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