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Double D Westerns, did you read them?

Iron Pony

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Thinking about exactly where the urge to get into cowboy shooting came from in my case and it might have been helped along by the Double D Western books.  My father being a career officer in the USAF we got to live all over the place, no surprise, and one of his postings was with the US embassy in Bonn West Germany working with the Luftwaffe on joint programs.  Being the early '70s there wasnt even an Armed Forces Network radio, let alone TV station to rot my teen brain.  What there was instead was what I remember as a wall of books, actually several walls, in the "Teen Club" that made up a library of of reading material.  A ton of these all had the DD brand on the spine and I think I read every one.  Guess you could call them pulp novels or the cowboy equal of bodice ripper romance novels.   I'm sure there were authors who crakned them out to formulas under different pen names but they sure did keep me entertained and surely contributed to a life long love of reading.


Did a little search on line and like damn near everything else you can find em for sale, from used bookstores, amazon etc and I'm probably going to have to get several to, hopefully, enjoy again and add to the bookshelf at casa de Pony.


So, did you read them?  Do you still?  

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