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My 12 year old is proud of himself

Trigger Mike

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I took him to shotgun practice after supper.   My sugar had been high all day, around 250 and higher.  My daughter had a stomach bug and needed a dr so we were busy most of the day. 


As I watched him practice I started feeling really bad.  My sugar was below 100 and dropping.  I drank a glucerna.  My continuous monitor showed below 80 and falling.  I mentioned to him and told him we have to go home.  As we drove my meter showed more decline.  About 2 miles from home I had him drive the rest of the way.   No traffic and mostly dirt roads.  He did just fine.  


I got home ate a nectarine and orange juice and boiled egg.  I got better.   He rubbed my head and back as he drove and while I ate and made sure everyone knew he saved my life.  I think he's a good son. 

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As a diabetic that is a real fear anytime I am alone with my 9 year old daughter   

.never had it as serious as yours but 2 months ago I plummeted from 180 to 70 in an hour and a half 

She made me fruit plate with oj 

And monitored my numbers, she called her granny and went next door to let our neighbors, good friends, just in case she needed help

So proud of your son

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You’ve raised a good young man, no doubt about it. 

you should get some of the glucose tablets for emergency situations. Small enough to have with you, and some in the car, and some in your sons backpack, and stash some everywhere else you can think of so you can have them handy when you need them.  They ain’t magic, but they are a quick way to slow or stop your numbers from dropping too fast. 

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Under the tongue (sub lingual) is the fastest way to get medications or sugar into the blood stream.
Chew 'em up... leave it in the mouth under the tongue as long as you can.
This works equally well for any other medications you need to take on short notice.

If you have a sugar crash and a vehicle accident, and they test your glucose level... you WILL lose your driver's license.
Eating a bunch of carbs and then hitting the insulin puts you on the glucose roller coaster.
Give up the bread, the jam and the orange juice.
Tough it out with steak and eggs.

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Well done to your son!

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