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WTB - Dillon Square Deal B - .32 H&R Magnum

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I know, I know........how looooong a shot this is, but I have to ask before I go off in another direction. With a lot of input from others over on the Wire, I have decided that the best upgrade for me is the Dillon Square Deal B for my .32 H&R magnum.  This press will be set up for one caliber only....the 32 H&R  that is now what I'm shooting almost exclusively. Dillon shows the Caliber Conversion for .32 as backorder status. The press is available new with .32 dies and conversion kit, but I thought I'd ask about used first.  

Thanks for any feedback and/or guidance suggestions. 


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Maddog, I received your pm and have replied. Thanks

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Ozark Okie,


I have a brand new, never used, setting on my bench Square Deal B Quick change for 32 H&R  that includes SDB tool head, powder measure &
SDB tool head stand. I also have the SDB 32 H&R Conversion Kit.  Don't have the x-small powder bar it requires.  Only selling as a complete set.
PM for pricing. Dillon's price is $322.00 plus freight. Send a PM for my pricing.


If Ozark Okie doesn't buy this I will post my price here.



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Marlin Buck horn If Anvil Adam is not interest I would be Thank you

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