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Douglas County NV where Sixgun Shorty is located has issued an evac. warning for Stateline & all of populated area north to Hwy 50 over Spooner Summit extending east to the mountain ridge line.   In CA the evac extends north to Homewood and the NV stateline.  My family cabin is located 1/2 block of of Ski Run Blvd near Heavenly Valley's CA base.  My son is a fire captain in a East Bay fire dept.  He isn't freaking out.

P.S. the forest fuel load is a lot better than it was in 2007 when the Angora fire burned in S. Lake Tahoe.  That fire caused the TRPA to changed its' policies that virtually banned removing pine needles, down trees & removing dead trees.  The years after the fire a lot of work was done to remove these hazards. including controlled burns.

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Still don't have my computer.  I went to pick it up Wednesday and Thursday. Now he tells me it will be ready today. SIGH!


At least it will be like new. He's putting in a new hard drive with no moving parts.


Also, I'm learning how to use the new smarter than me phone.


I'm using a stylus instead of my arthritic thumbs.

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On 9/3/2021 at 9:59 AM, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

At least it will be like new. He's putting in a new hard drive with no moving parts.


You will find this to be a huge boost in performance.
I am regularly replacing old clunk spinning drives with sold state devices for my clients.
Older machines don't have the ability to use the M2 SSD that mount directly on the system board, and are even faster than than the solid state disk types.

The other boost: sufficient memory.
IMO a Win10 machine at only 8gb will work, but is somewhat constrained.
I have to chuckle... over these many years, it went from 1MB to 2MB to 4MB to the gigabytes... Win10 is a happy camper in 16gb of memory.
I run 96gb memory on my big machine, because Photoshop is a humongous pig, and eats it all.

There is also a free script that will remove all the bloat from Win10.
This drastically reduces the installed footprint of bloat software, and speeds things up.

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2 hours ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

Hey @bgavin! I had 28,000 hours on my hard drive since it was born in 12/2014. Is that a lot?

Yes and No.

For my 24x7 clients, I recommend replacing their disks at 26,280 hours.
This is 365 days * 24 hours * 3 years.
This is the same as replacing a bad tire on your terms... not on its terms.

Imagine... you have put off replacing a bad tire.
It is the 4th of July weekend.. traveling down I5 to Disneyland, and it is 105 degrees outside.
The car is full of kids all whining "Are we there yet, and I have to pee".
That bad tire blows halfway between Buttonwillow and BFE.
Your mother-in-law is the back seat, and points out your failure to be proactive...

To answer your question, "it depends."
Does the drive have any errors?
Is it a Seagate?  (All the failed drives I replaced are Seagates).

My commercial clients run their disks in RAID configuration, where multiple disks comprise the volume.
When one dies, the others carry the load until you replace the dead one.
No data is lost.

Practically speaking:  replace that drive with a solid state disk.
These wear out from use (writing) but not from being powered up for years and spinning on bearings.

The performance increase of SSDs is staggering... very, very noticeable.
Samsung EVO and PRO lines of SSD are ripping fast and seriously reliable.

In the end:  backups of your system and data, on a separate external USB drive.

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More likely, the drive was thunked by moving the laptop while it was powered up.
The heads fly much closer to the disk surface than a human hair, so crashing the heads is pretty easy.

Machines with spinning drives should never be moved while power is up.
If you are CAREFUL and treat the machine like a stick of really old dynamite... you can get away with it.
This is not the typical laptop user.  Not at all.

SSD avoids all this.

There are two types of disk errors.
One, is physical from disk crashes, etc.
Two, is data structure, from losing power while in the middle of writing to the disk.
Windows is VERY busy and writes constantly.

#1 cannot be recovered from.
#2 may be bad enough to require formatting the disk and reinstalling everything from scratch.

Laptops with a working battery, are their own universal power supply (UPS).
This is their safety net when the wall power goes down.
Batteries are cheap and plentiful.
Batteries Plus can get them, but you will pay a whole lot more than buying one from Amazon that fits your machine.
All these parts are Hecho en China... buy on price.

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