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REDUCED-Ruger 45LC Limited Edition Blackhawk Arizona Rangers

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Up for sale or trade ( single 6 32) is a limited edition ( now a collectors item) Ruger Blackhawk 45 LC  that's been in my safe for at least 8-10 years.  This gun is one of a series that was specially produced for the Arizona Rangers.  I was informed that the Rangers ordered one gun for each Ranger at the time and the few not spoken for or left over were sold to the public.  This gun is unfired and has never even been  loaded; note no ring on the cylinder.

That's about all I know ( or remember) of the history ( I'm pretty old).  Since I've had it so long, and it's still new in the box,  I just can't bring myself to finally shoot it.

850.00 shipped and insured to your FFL;  800.00 FTF in Arizona............Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa or Tombstone depending on the time of month... Don't  even go there. :-),,,,,  No trades at this time as I have more than I need.  Actually, if my wife ever gets the combination to the gun safe, you can probably get it cheaper due to a death in the family..........Just sayn'


Windy City Red


Az Rang102_0001.jpg

Az RAng102_0004.jpg

Az RAng102_0006.jpg

Az RAng102_0008.jpg

Az RAng102_0012.jpg

Az RAng102_0016.jpg

Az RAng102_0021.jpg

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consider a trade
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When it gets to $500  - let me know …..,..

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OP price adjustment adaption.
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  • SouthwestShooter changed the title to REDUCED-Ruger 45LC Limited Edition Blackhawk Arizona Rangers

Too Tall ,,,actually, the gun is only $300.00,,,,, however the box is $500.00 and I'm not willing to separate them.  Just thought you'd like to know.....See you soon.......................


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Sell that $500 box to some one and I'll buy the gun as stated - $300 cash right into Sassy's hand!

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because of your age you musta forgot I mentioned that due to double secret reasons, I can't seperate the 2.  Sorry,.  When you forget again.. just write.


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Bump for a guy who won’t sell a gun at a really cheap price!

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