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Primers online, do you have any sites you trust?

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I've been to multiple sites I trust online which seem to be out of stock. I don't mind checking periodically or clicking on a notify me when in stock checkbox. There are a crapload of sites I've never heard of that seem to have them, some at prices too good to believe. Do you have any sites that you trust? I don't want to get ripped off or have my info stolen for nefarious purposes. Thanks!

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First check with your local gun stors and SASS vendors.


Online; stick with long time vendors.


Midway USA, Brownells, Graf and Sons, Bass Pro, Cabelas, Natchez, and others that have a solid reputation. Just know that they are limiting purchases and by the time you tack on shipping and Hazmat, you might suffer sticker shock.


If its too good to be true.....


It usually is.

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11 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:

Actually . . . . NO

Plus ONE to The Coffin man!!B)

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