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The Whoopin and Texas Jamboree is coming up in October-Who's comin?

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The Tejas Caballeros are hosting The Whoopin' Oct. 15-17, 2021 and doing things a little differently. Instead of a banquet Saturday night the Texas Republic Ranches Legacy Foundation (a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit)  is hosting a "Cowboy Jamboree. " in the old Blanco County Courthouse where the recent version of the movie True Grit was filmed. The Old Blanco Courthouse will be decorated to look like an Old West Saloon. Participants will dress in Old West Costumes. There’s a “Stretch Raffle” featuring prizes with an Old West theme, a Promenade & Costume Contest on the Blanco Square, Faro Tables for fun, Silent Auction, Stretch Raffle & Prizes! 5:00 ~ 8:00 pm. The officers have been practicing how to deal and play Faro, the gambling game that was more popular than poker in the Old West. Great chance to learn what it was all about. Some great prizes, raffle items and giveaways.


Oh, and there is a shooting match too. The Tejas Caballeros have a permanent range they call Determination, Texas located at the Texas Republic Ranch just a few miles west of Blanco, Texas (45 miles west of Austin, Texas). The well constructed stages include a Bank, Gallows, Saloon, Jail/Post Office, Livery, Wheelwright Shop (with a kick-open door!), Mine Cart (yes, we shoot out of the mine cart), and an Outlaw Cabin as well as several more. There will be 10 Cowboy Action shooting Stages based on both versions of the movie True Grit. We will shoot 6 stages on Saturday, 4 on Sunday. Awards after lunch on Sunday, leaving plenty of time to make it back home that evening. (or make a good start if you come from farther)


If you haven't shot at the Cabs range you should, and this is a great opportunity to do so. Hope you can come.


More details here at Tejas Caballeros website.


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My wife and I already made campground reservations for this match and Texas Blackpowder.  I just need to sit down and complete match applications for my Fall matches.

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More Whoopin' updates. The Tejas Caballeros listen.


One of the features of the range at Determination Texas is a Mine Office and Mine Cart. Shooters start in the Mine Office, typically shooting the rifle, then climb into the Mine Cart and shoot either pistols or shotgun as the Mine Cart is rolling down the track. If it is pistols in the Mine Cart, they exit at the end and shoot shotgun targets.


Admittedly the Mine Cart experience can be inconsistent for each shooter depending on weight, weather, and track condition. One shooter may find it too fast, another too slow.  We get a kick out of it because it offers a different shooting experience. But some folks are concerned about the consistency and some about the safety (sometimes the cart can hit the end spot pretty hard--some have fallen out).


To make sure nobody is letting the Mine Cart keep them from shooting the Whoopin', the match directors have decided that the Mine Cart will not be used for the Main match at the Whoopin',  We can offer some nice scenarios just using the Mine Office.


But for those who want to experience the Mine Cart, it will be offered as a  side match for those who want to try it.


Still time to sign up for the Whoopin'. Hope to see you there.

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