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New Hampshire: Pair of Pro-Gun Measures Vetoed

Charlie T Waite

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Yesterday, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed two pro-gun measures, Senate Bill 141 and House Bill 334.

Senate Bill 141: Sought to resolve New Hampshire’s longstanding problem with delays during handgun purchases, by abolishing the “state gun line” system that the State Police currently use for handgun purchases.  Instead, the process for purchasing a handgun would mirror buying a long gun, which goes through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  This switch in the process would not only reduce taxpayer burdens, it would have greatly reduced the number of delays experienced by those attempting to exercise their Second Amendment rights by purchasing a handgun.

House Bill 334: “ATV-Carry” – As amended, allowed for the carry of a loaded firearm on an Off-Highway Recreation Vehicle (OHRV) or snowmobile. HB 334 also sought to clean up the law from when Permitless Carry was passed and a snowmobile prohibition remained. 

Stay-tuned to NRA-ILA Alerts for more information and updates on Second Amendment issues in the Granite State.

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