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Wow maybe my message was misinterpreted…

El Catorce

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has anyone experienced faster than advertised delivery from any company selling quick change kits for any presses?… whether they be blue, green, red or orange? 



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Better wording.

It is hard to "hear" someone's intent...when written.


I believe ALL in the industry are fighting hard to regain what last year took away...cause and affect.


I stand with Dillon...

With that said...


Yes, most businesses give themselves a padded delivery to insure they can meet that timeframe.

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I agree that you never can 'hear' the tone that a person writes in


I have been castigated by my child bride when I thought I was being humorous.  She does tell me I am an acquired taste


don't worry about it


and shipping for our hobby/sport/obsession has been very, very slow for a long time



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I noticed today that Grafs has a big banner on their page about a Dillon shipment being on-stock.  Also, Double Alpha has been very quick to deliver their items marked in-stock.  I think Hoss got a new Dillon press inside a week where all others were weeks and months out.


NOTE:  I have had a set of 9mm dies on backorder with Dillon all year, they project Oct before shipping.  It is what it is and I knew it when I ordered.



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I generally find delivery is just a few days slower than estimated for most items. That is for in-stock or already scheduled manufacturing.


Part of this is the perception I get from getting a "your order has shipped" eMail and all that has happened is a shipping label was printed. Add at least a couple days to get it into the shipper's hands.


For a company like a press manufacturer, I had heard of at least 6 weeks to get a complete press with all dies for a variety of calibers This was months ago). Certain calibers would potentially have longer lead times.


Looks like I should have ordered back then...


From that certain company that paints parts blue:






  • Square Deal B - 60 weeks
  • RL550C - In Stock
  • XL750 - 2 weeks
  • Super1050 - 60 weeks
  • Super1050 (no dies) - 2 weeks
  • RL1100 - 60 weeks
  • RL1100 (no dies) - 2 weeks
  • CP2000 - 2 weeks
  • SL900 - 1 weeks
  • Casefeeder - 1 week
  • Mr. Bulletfeeder - In Stock
  • Pistol Dies - 60 weeks
  • Steel Rifle Dies - 60 weeks
  • Carbide Rifle Dies - 60 weeks
  • Powder Measures - In Stock
  • Quick Changes - In Stock
  • 750 Conversion Kits - depends on caliber
  • 550 Conversion Kits - depends on caliber
  • SDB Conversion Kits - up to 60 weeks
  • RF100 Large - 1 week
  • RF100 Small - In Stock
  • Swager - In Stock
  • Essentials Packages - 60 weeks (due to dies)


The press I will likely purchase won't take that long (the XL750 is just a couple weeks), but having everything to load any caliber on my list, never mind some particular caliber, might take a while; my press will likely end up sitting for a while. Not any fault of the company, just the way it is at this time.

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I received warranty parts(about 12) for my 650 in less than a week. (last week)


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1 hour ago, two dot said:

Scheels stores in Great Falls Montana and Salt Lake City Utah had Dillon 750’s on the shelf at the end of July.

Yep, I ordered one online from the SLC store a month ago and had it in less than a week. They still seem to show in stock.  Don’t know if I got lucky or if their stocking status is accurate. 



Good luck!

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