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Bacon may disappear in California

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On 8/6/2021 at 10:07 AM, bgavin said:

Smithfields, the largest pork packager in America, is owned by the WH Group in China.

True, but this is what Smithfield says.... and no, not addressing "trust" issues on this post either :D




Anyway - here are more info from Smithfield:


Our Ownership Structure (smithfieldfoods.com)

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I never mentioned "importing".
Good to know they are not importing pork from China.
My statement was that Smithfields is owned by the WH Group in China.

My son runs a Homeless to Housing program in SoCal.
He tells me all the housing he contacts is Chinese owned.

My eldest daughter is PCS in Guam.
She tells me all the rental housing is owned by Chinese.
A bug/surveillance sweep is the norm before renting one of these properties.

Italy was slammed so quickly, and so intensely with C19, because of the huge Chinese business presence there.

My point is,  there is a pattern working here.

Q: what is a "trust" issue on this post?

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5 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

Most people would die of shock if they knew how much of the agribusiness in the US was owned by Chinese corporations 


And yet I don’t know of any American company that does or is allowed to own an agriculture business in China.  MAGA

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7 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

Who would want to?  American students would boycott them for using child labor, etf.

I doubt it , they all seem to love Nike . I’m also not sure if there is a smartphone that isn’t made there . 

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Getting ready to cook my breakfast this morning and pulling together the commodities, I couldn't find the bacon or sausage.   We just shopped yesterday - ALDI  and Wally-World.  I asked Sawmill Mary where's the bacon?  She said there wasn't any. (Translation,  no store brand or on sale) She said the meat display was shockingly bare. 


Meat, the new TP for holders? 

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I don't eat pork anymore and pretty cut out all dairy, but I will stand proudly and defend the rights of those men and women that do.

If poultry prices go up anymore, it might make sense to raise my own broilers.  

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