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1885 Uberti Hi-Wall 45-70 for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD

Fallon Kid

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Uberti-Stoeger 1885 45-70 High Wall.  Includes 'Soule' long range creedmore rear sight and Lyman 17 front sight. Shipped in Pelican case.  My reason for letting go is I have 4 other LR 45-70's and I just don't use. I kinda know history and I personally shot 80-100 BP rounds.  I want to ship gun/case via a commercial packaging store which may drive cost up but let us discuss. I'm willing to work with you.  This gun exceeds my skill level and is very accurate. Needless to say the bullet plays the main factor. It likes a 45-70 GOV out to 800 meters. Have not tried further. If interested please call and I can take more pics or answer questions. My pic skills are bad as you can see. There is nothing wrong with gun/case/sight.    Molds are hard to come right now by so just a just a consideration. Barrel is 30"  I think 1950.00 is a fair price.  My friend called and thought I might be out of line price wise for this site. Suggested 1500.00.  So price is $1500.00

"Wife says I have too many guns.........WAIT. I'm not married. Oh well too late now."

UB2 (1).jpg

UB4 (1).jpg

UB6 (1).jpg

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  • Fallon Kid changed the title to 1885 Uberti Hi-Wall 45-70 for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD
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I purchased this rifle from Fallon Kid and I will vouch for him all day long that he is a straight shooter!  I’m proud to say we’ve become long distance friends since working out this deal. Thanks again Fallon for working with me on closing this deal. Look forward to learning lots more from you via our email, texts and phone conversations! 

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