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The Forrestal was patched up in the Phillipines and subsequently returned to Norfolk for repairs and refitting. It was returned to service the following April.


It was decommissioned in 1993.  An attempt was made to make it a museum, but that was unsuccessful and it was eventually scrapped.

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6 minutes ago, Four-Eyed Buck,SASS #14795 said:

Wasn't it one of the first "super sized" carriers?:FlagAm::blush:


According to what I have read, yes.  The Independence was another in that class.  My cousin was on the Independence and said it was enormous!  He later boarded the Enterprise and was again amazed!!

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My Youngster cruise, while at USNA, was on USS Forrestal, summer of 1962. Except for when we lived in Denver, it was probably the largest town I had ever lived in. I got lost umpteen times. I had a book of practical factors to accomplish which caused my to wonder about the ship to find various compartments. One day I turned down a passageway and was met by 4 Marines, who explained in no uncertain terms, that I had no business down that passageway. Turns out it was the special weapons area.



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