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Congrats to Bad River Marty, New Regulator and Elder Statesman Gunfighter EOT champion, he put off a hip replacement surgery to shoot EOT!!

ethan callahan

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Congrats to my dad, Bad River Marty on his elder statesman gunfighter championship.  This is the 2nd time he has ever been to EOT.  In 2010, he won senior gunfighter and the overall speed pistol side match.  This year he did it on a bad hip and pushed off his hip replacement until after EOT and Michigan's range war if possible.  He also was posse 12 spirit of the game recipient and received his regulators badge as well.   Way to go dad. 


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Congratulations on your championship.  Had the left hip done in December 2015 and the right hip done last Tuesday.  It is amazing how much better they are at the procedure.  You will be back in no time.  

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Congratulations Marty. It was a pleasure to meet you and Ethan at EOT. Bobbie and I were fortunate to camp next to you. She is still going on about your stories and how much she enjoyed your company. I hope we cross paths at another shoot in the near future. 


And lets not forget CONGRATULATIONS to Ethan Callahan, EOT Wild Bunch Traditional Champion! Apparently it runs in the family.


See you Soon ,


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Thank you all for the kind words.


Doc , It is always great to shoot with you. Are you coming to Range War?


Widder,  I hope we can shoot together again soon. 


 Sarge, Thanks . See you Saturday.


Kid , Second place at the World is something to be proud of. I know you had Ethan Worried. Hope our paths cross again.


Sgt Eli It was great to shoot together. Congradulations on your win.


Kirt , Thanks How long was your recovery time till you could shoot again after the first hip?


Forgive me for taking so long to respond .All I can say is computers hate me.


Bad River Marty

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