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source for shot - Found - Thanks!!

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A decoy carver passed away and the daughter was clearing out Paul’s shop. Had 50# bag of 7 1/2 shot in the junk pile.  Now under my work bench :D

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3 hours ago, Chancy Shot, SASS #67163 said:

In this time of shortages, I find myself short of lead shot.  I did a quick search for lead shot and and reclaimed shot.  Found some but really expensive.  Any help on a direction to go would be appreciated.



How soon do you need it? As you know, Penny and I haven't shot much lately and I have enough SG loaded to get us through about two years. I've got enough extra shot that I would be happy to loan or sell you some. Leaving town Thursday and won't be back until late Sunday. Sent you my cell # in a PM.

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I ship #65 of new,#7.5 shot for $130.

This is new shot, screened for size, tumbled and graphited. Ready to load.

I ship medium flat rate box, with tracking and insurance on receipt of payment.

Check or Money order.

No paypal!


PM questions and orders.






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