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Soviet Kharkiv KhAI-5

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Soviet Kharkiv KhAI-5, (sometimes Neman R-10) used as tactical reconnaissance aircraft, and, in need, also as light bombers.
R-10s were first used in combat in the 1939 Soviet-Japanese Battle of Khalkhin Gol.
Then, they were used in the initial stage of World War II, starting with use in the invasion of Poland (without combat encounters) and against Finland in the Winter War (1939–1940).
R-10s were next used in the first period of the German-Soviet war, following the German attack on June 22nd 1941.
By this time, they were outdated and suffered heavy losses, as did the rest of the Soviet Air Force. Many planes were destroyed on the ground.
Later many were used as night bombers, to reduce losses from opposing fighters.
The remaining R-10s were withdrawn from combat service in 1943.
May be an image of aircraft and outdoors
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