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Nation’s Largest Paper - USA Today Forced To Admit That Their Anti-Gun Propaganda Isn’t Working

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In Their Frustration, They Make Three Key Admissions And Admit That Gun Control Is A Losing Issue


1) They admit that gun ownership is on the rise

“And gun ownership in the USA is rising rapidly. During the socially disruptive pandemic, the federal government tracked gun sales exceeding a million per week  – the first time that benchmark was hit since officials started gathering data in 1998.”

Yep, after years of trying to convince the public that gun ownership was on a steep decline, with only a few older white guys still holding on to their guns, they have finally had to admit that gun ownership is, in fact, rising.  Of course they fail to mention that the majority of new gun owners are women and minorities – many of whom are Democrats….

2) GOP opposition to gun restrictions is growing and stiffening

“Pew Research polling shows that rank-and-file Republicans have grown even more recalcitrant about reform. For example, only 37% support banning assault-style rifles  – the weapon of choice for mass shootings – down from 54% in 2017 and 50% in 2019.”

The GOP base is so opposed to gun restrictions that any Republican who votes for gun control is almost certainly going to be “primaried”.  Furthermore, this even affects Senate Democrats in GOP states such as Arizona and West Virginia, making it very hard to pass gun restrictions in the Senate.  (BTW, they are lying about “ assault-style rifles” being “the weapon of choice for mass shootings”.  The majority of mass shootings are committed with handguns – which SCOTUS has said cannot be banned.)

3) People – and politicians - are no longer willing to support useless gun bills in the wake of mass shootings

“There was a time when it was thought that a single horrible event, such as the slaughter of first-graders in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, could spur Congress to act. That hasn't happened.”

What they don’t mention is that a major reason why bills are not passed is that the people have realized that the proposed bills would not have stopped the mass shootings that are being used to promote them. They are simply items off of the gun control wish list.

When the nation’s largest newspaper admits that gun control is a losing issue, it’s clear we are winning.

USA Today Article


Rev. R. Vincent Warde


Below is a link to the article: 

In Their Frustration, They Make Three Key Admissions And Admit That Gun Control Is A Losing Issue

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