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Maine: House Votes Down Gun Bills – Report Heads to the Senate for Consideration

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Yesterday, the Maine House rejected two anti-gun measures, LD 976 and LD 999, as well as a pro-gun measure, LD 1052.  Their report on these bills now heads to the Senate where they are able to bring the measures up for a vote.  Please contact your State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE LDs 976 and 999, and to SUPPORT LD 1052.


Anti-Gun Legislation:

Legislative Document 976: amends the definition of “machine gun” to include a firearm to which a bump stock is affixed, and penalizes possession of a machine gun as a Class D crime.

Legislative Document 999: requires background checks for private sales of firearms at gun shows, or resulting from advertising, including sales to immediate and extended family, friends, and neighbors, with limited exceptions.

Pro-Gun Legislation:

Legislative Document 1052: prohibits state and government officials from restricting the lawful carrying, sale, or use of firearms and ammunition during states of emergency, and also prevents them from closing gun stores and shooting ranges. The legislation also suspends the expiration date for concealed handgun permits during a state of emergency.

Again, please contact your State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE LDs 976 and 999, and to SUPPORT LD 1052.

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