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Wear your Team SASS Patriot Badges Proudly

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I wanted to wait a while after the announcement in the Chronicle before I posted this.  I want to thank SASS for bringing back the Team SASS Badges.  The bottom line is over the years I've heard grips that no-one listens to us as members, well you ask that they bring the Team SASS Patriot Badges back;  SASS heard / listened to your request.  I got mine the 1st time they were offered and they are very high quality badges; these are the same quality as what I worn and carried during my 28 years as a LEO so this is a real keep sake and something to wear with pride.  As I stated in another post that was asking about the Team SASS Badges.  Every member of SASS is a Team SASS member and a Patriot who cares about our country and our "Second Amendment" rights.  As director of Team SASS I feel humbled when I got to a match and see Cowboys & Cowgirls wearing a Team SASS Badge.  I believe that it's an inspiration for our Team SASS State Directors as well.  It lets everyone know (you, they, we) are not alone in this important fight to maintain our Second Amendment rights.  This is especially true now that we have so many in seats of power trying daily to find new ways to take/ban our firearms, our ammunition and even our places to shoot.  Again, every SASS member is a member of Team SASS, so order your badges and wear them proudly to show your support of SASS and for our Second Amendment freedoms.  We can even start a thread with members wearing their Team SASS badges to events here on the Team SASS Wire if you would like; just let me know.


As Colonel Dan would say "Soldier On My Patriot Brothers & Sisters"  (I know he's reading this & since he is more eloquent than I, I hope he would add his wisdom as he could elaborate on what I am trying to convey to you all better than I have.)



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Wearing a Team SASS Patriot Badge is a powerful visual representation of our individual and combined commitment in support of the sacred and unalienable right of self defense.  As free citizens, we will always protect and defend the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  If we fail in that by allowing a government of mere men to infringe upon what God has ordained as an irrevocable human right, we surrender that freedom and immediately become subjects of the state.


Just the view from my foxhole...

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Team SASS badges should be GIVEN to all TSSR's.

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