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New Leather Color Bleeding

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Hey all, 


Got some new leather, holsters, shotgun belt, etc., and the colors bleed onto our clothes. Is there anything that can be done to the leather to eliminate this from happening? 



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Is the stuff that is bleeding oil or just dye?  If it is dye, get some Fiebings Bag-Kote. I use the Neutral version as Tandy/Leather Factory only stocks the 

Tan-Kote, which may make the leather a bit darker.  I use it especially on leather that is dyed black where the carbon black will rub off all over everything, but also on some brown shades if there is any tendency for the brown colors to rub off.  I don't treat my leather with oil-based dyes so I'm not sure if Bag-Kote will work.  Let us know how it comes out.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Stay well and safe!  (Vaccinate if you haven't already.  You could prevent transmitting the COVID19 virus to someone else even if you had little or no symptoms. If in doubt, contact your doctor.)

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Unlike Trailrider, I only use Fiebings pro oil leather dye.  I totally agree with him on Bag-Kote (but I also like Satin Shene).


The majority of the time I line my gun belts and shotgun belts with chrome tanned suede leather.  Some shooters prefer a veg tan leather liner.  If I line the belts with veg tan, I never dye the liner of the belt and I always coat them with a liberal supply of Bag-Kote or Satin Shene (links below).


It's not unusual to get some bleeding of the leather dye on a new rig, especially in a warm climate.  I personally sweat like a "bad girl in church" when shooting in the summer months.  I have seen color come off even chrome tan suede leather, if the shooter gets sweaty enough.  Normally, if the belt is well sealed with a good finish, the bleeding should lessen with time.


It wouldn't hurt to buff you rigs with a soft cotton cloth (old white T-shirt) to rub off any excess dye and then apply Bag-Kote or Satin Shene (links listed below).  


Amazon.com: Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Satin Shene 4.4 fl. oz. (132 ml) 2611-01


Amazon.com: Fiebing's Bag-Kote - 4 Ounces, Neutral: Automotive


Do not apply either of these finishes to a suede lining.  Both finishes can be applied to a veg tan lining.  If your belts are unlined, or have a dyed veg tan lining, the leather finishes mentioned will help, but you will continue to have problems with staining.


On my belts, I try to put multiple coats of the clear finish on the edges of the belt because the dye from the front side of the belt can leave a thin dye mark on clothing when the belt is cinched tightly and the shooter is sweating profusely.  Some makers use Fiebing's Edge Kote to deal with this problem, but I have never liked my results with this product.

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