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My computer gives me daily words as a screen saver.  Today's word was paripassu.  Meaning side by side.  Makes you wonder why we don't call them paripassu shotguns to sound more educated. 

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Start the trend and see how it goes, who knows maybe it’ll catch on.   Of course the ‘87 and ‘97 SG’ers will feel left out :lol:

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Posted (edited)

Oh now horse knuckles!
Here I was all set to invent a French persona with an outrageous accent, insults involving elderberries and hamsters and threats to taunt you again, with reference to my custom made, superior French 
paripassu obusier de rue!


Edit to add -- maybe I will anyhow -- as the Irishman said, never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

Edited by Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103
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