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? about science & human brain cells

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A woman gets pregnant and later in her term, she has a miscarriage or maybe even a still born baby.


The baby was so formed that 'she' was given a burial and a girls name.


A couple years later, the woman has a successful pregnancy and gives birth to a healthy

baby boy.   The little boy has an accident at age 5 and is pronounced 'dead' by the doctors

but continued CPR and other life saving measures were continued, although he had been officially

pronounced dead for over 20 minutes.


He comes back to life.   


A couple months later, he starts talking about his older sister, whom he never met nor previously

knew about.


QUESTION:  Is it possible that memory cells from the mother were given to the child during pregnancy

and when his life was 'jump started' all over again, those memory cells were activated in his brain

that he knew of his older sister..... and other details about life which he shouldn't have known about?




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I am aware of several instances of "visits",  by those who have already gone on before us,  to someone that is near their own demise.  I have been present when my Mother carried on a conversation with her deceased siblings just moments before she passed.   She assured me that they were in her hospital room at that moment.   Maybe God allows us to be greeted by loved ones as we exit......And for those who expire, and then are brought back to life, maybe they learn and see things that our human eyes are not privy too.......

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We inherit physical traits from our parents, grandparents, etc. via DNA. 


I have heard lots of theories, that perhaps we may also inherit other things as well...such as memories. That would explain Deja vu moments that many of us have experienced. 


I suppose that is why many folks believe in some sort of reincarnation. If one is a Believer, then the Bible does not support that theory. 

Secular science cannot support it, either, since science tries to use experiments to move from speculation, to theory, to law. I'm not sure how science can experiment on such a subject. 


But, if we can inherit memories, to a greater, or lessor, extent, from the DNA our parents give us, then that would answer a lot of questions. 


Perhaps the passing of time will tell. 





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