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Happy 100th Birthday Tommy

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1921, the first Thompson submachine guns for civilian were martketed.


I have been fortunate enough to carry three of them whilst in theArmy 1968 and 1969.  I had an M-1 briefly, then a 1928A-1, and finally an M-1A-1.  Also mixed in were an M-1 carbine, an M-2 carbine, an M-3A-1 "grease gun", an AK-47, an SKS carbine, and an MAT-49.  All were good guns except for the MAT-49, but the Tommy guns have CLASS by the barrel full. 

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I almost cry every time I see one up here.

They are prohibited and most are now de-activated.

The rest are total safe queens the owners can not even take to the range.

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My Dad brought one back from WW2.
I was fortunate as a kid to be able to shoot it before he ditched it.
He was growing ever more paranoid about having it, so he dumped it in the very middle (read: the deep part) of our reservoir.

One of my clients has a pristine collector copy of the Tommy and round magazine.
It is legal for in the house, but he is an instant felon if he takes it out the front door, or goes to shoot it.

Sure is pretty, though...

Thompson beats hell out of those ugly grease guns..
Ka-chunka, ka-chunka, ka-chunka.
Cheap, ugly things.

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My oldest friend has two of them. An original and a reproduction. We’ve shot them both many times. The original version is much better made. 

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