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Nitro 100 12ga lite load data

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Look up when the powder you have was made. Found the below on the web. Supposed to be from an FAQ about the differences in the formula.



5. What is the background behind “New Formulation” Nitro 100?

We unfortunately had to change the manufacturer for Nitro 100 early in 2009.

This was due to factors outside our control.

We thus do not source our Nitro 100 for the EU (Czech Rep) anymore.

It’s now made in the USA by General Dynamics®.

It’s still a double base powder but it’s a flattened spherical (ball) powder instead of the original extruded flake design.

Since our first priority was for 12ga shotgun application, the new powder is a more optimized powder for light shot loads.

In a 12gauge the loads for the light ? oz and 1oz will very much the same or be slightly higher than the old style N100.

Special note re 1?oz loads

For heavier 1?oz loads the N100 NF will not be as flexible and versatile as the old N100. The best performance with the smaller volume taper cases such as WAA® and Remington STS® will be 1150 fps with Pressures of between 11000 Psi to 11500 Psi.

However, in the larger volume “straight case” designs, such as Federal® and Fiocchi® it will be possible to achieve 1200 Fps, with pressures in the 11000Psi range, in combination with the proper wads.

We are constantly busy compiling load data which will be available as time progress.

The powder flows better resulting in “VMD” bushing data will also be different, see the data for the MEC® bushings below

13.7       20
14.4      21
15.2       22
15.8       23
16.3       24
16.9       25
17.6       26
18.2       27
19.0      28
19.8      29
20.6     30

Handgun Calibers:

There was am initial caution/warning re handgun calibers however, that was just a prelim measure because the handgun data will be different. We are in process of developing loads for this powder in handgun calibers.

For the interim we suggest a reduction of - 10% for both the start and maximum loads relative to any old original Nitro100 data.



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LOTS of Nitro 100 NF data in the Western Powders Handloading Guide Edition 1, published in 2017.


I'll give you a "common components" load from there to make minimum velocity in the range of loading data they published.


Win AA (HS) hull

Win 209 primer

Win WAA12SL (pink) wad

16.4 grains Nitro 100 NF

7/8 ounce shot


Makes about 1225 FPS and about 7,700 PSI chamber pressure.


You should use your standard shotshell loading precautions if you want to explore.


For even lighter loads, you can work downwards with powder charges to see if you can keep the shotshell stack right,  a decent crimp and no-squib performance.  Sometimes their published "minimum load" is due to light pressure, sometimes a poor crimp due to smaller stack height, and sometimes just a seat of the pants feeling.   The load published I would think would have some room on the chamber pressure to move lighter on the powder, so it may come down to how well the load will crimp.   If you get a sunken crimp, a slightly longer wad, like the WAA12L (gray) wad will give slightly more stack height.


If you want to substitute the Win WAA12L wad (gray), the loading data was within a tenth of a grain being the same as with the pink wad on this load.  And the Claybuster clones of these 2 wads are almost always safe to substitute for the Win factory wads, IME.


Although Hodgdon recently acquired Western Powders product line, they have not yet included any loading data for Nitro 100 NF in their on-line data site.


good luck, GJ



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The Nitro NF and the Nitro 100 are different apparently ... I’ve got some of the Nitro 100.  For the old formula you can google a loading data book from 2003.  I’ve downloaded it and can post

it if anyone needs it. 

I tested the old Formula in my pistol and rifle cartridges and it worked great. The NF is labeled not for use in cartridges... but not the old one. 




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Nitro NF and the Nitro 100 are different apparently


First, the new powder complete name is Nitro 100 NF   - NF stands for New Formulation


The old version of the powder is Nitro 100.


Similar uses - fast shotgun and pistol powder.  But the load data varies between the old and new.  So, be sure which you are loading.


good luck, GJ


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