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Not Allie's Cats... We have been waiting for this!

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We had visitors while we were awake. We have been seeing them on occasion on the trail camera but never in person. My wife is on Cloud Nine!

Edit: The smaller, darker lion is a kitten. Mom wanted to leave but the kitten took its time and filled its belly.





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35 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

Nice photos! The one cat is looking right at the camera. Is this a trail camera or did you take these shots?

My wife took the one photo with her cell phone through the picture window. I ran and got my SLR and took the other images of the kitten. We have seen them on our trail camera but never in person. My wife says it's the best day ever!

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WOW, nice sighting. I get a bobcat every now and then, but yours way beats mine!

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I remember when I was a kid we were visiting some folks in PA that lived on a farm and they were laughing about the daughters bringing home some stray kittens they found on a hike. They were baby bobcats. 
The mom and dad escorted the girls with their kittens back to where they found them near an old abandoned coal mine and dropped them off. Apparently they hit to see the anxious momma bobcat looking for her kitties. 
They went back later and found that momma had moved their den somewhere else. 

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1 hour ago, Four-Eyed Buck,SASS #14795 said:

Just don't meet them when they're hungry. The outcome could be rather painful.:rolleyes::lol::blush:

My wife wants to to pack a gun going out to my work van! The company I work for doesn't allow firearms in company vehicles! Maybe I should have her cover me with a SxS until I get in my van!!!

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I guess you’re not going to see any birds in that bird bath for awhile.  Must be great to see big cats that are not in a cage, sure beats the armadillo I saw the other day. 

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