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40-60 1/20 twist barrel. Bullet weight recommendations.

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:FlagAm: Just acquired an 1876 in 40-60.  The original rifles hd a slow twist of 1/40 and used a bullet of around 210grs.  The current reproduction lever guns employ a mush faster twist rate of 1/20-1/22 which would seem to dictate a heavier bullet of at least 235grs.  Bore diameter is .406.

I will be using real BP as the propellant and probably a hard cast, moly coated bullet.  I know the hard cast and moly coat doesn't sound right for BP but I use a fiber wad, grease cookie and and over shot card wad.  Works real well in all my other SASS firearms.  Reducing the case capacity a little will dictate using FFFG instead of FFG. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Chas B  

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Go to CAScity.com.There is a lot of knowlege on that site.

I'm waiting on a new barrel for my original 76.I was patient long enough & got a mold for my bullets.

Montana bullets has a couple of different bullets.


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