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Facebook Jail for “shoot em up” comment

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Well maybe this will make you feel better.


Starbucks might delete its Facebook page



Facebook employees who manage the site’s relationship with Starbucks have voiced concerns about the chain removing its page from the social media network. Starbucks has apparently hit a breaking point due to all of the hateful and hurtful messages it receives on virtually every post it makes.


Their little feelings are all butt hurt. :lol:

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I only have a fb account to keep up with scores from my clubs latest match, involving guns. I also use it to keep up with range closures and updates from my, wait for it, gun club. To phrase it so that they might understand, “ironical!”

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Posted (edited)

I quit Fakebook over their constant censorship of conservative content even mild jokes while allowing liberals to post anything, even threats. Also because of their completely partisan political behavior in the last election. Sad that I can't touch base with some old work friends and some family anymore, but I won't support such a propaganda platform. 


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If you want to have some fun with FB, tell them there has been more crime committed with computers than there has ever been with guns, then wait for their heads to start smoking and explode.

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Well, evidently I violated standards again. 30 days this time will see what the appeal says.

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