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WTB Dance & Bros 44 Revolver

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Jonesing for the this historic Confederate Texas made replica.  Ha, they had to move the production site for fear of gun boats bombing their factory in Columbia, Texas.


Wow, I’m astounded at the shortage or cap and ball revolvers.  What’s the skinny on receipt of shipments from our Italian friends?


Shameless Womanizer

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Italy was hit very hard with the coronavirus. Total lock down for a while last year with limited opening back up now. It will undoubtedly take a while for recovery. Perhaps Alessandro Pietta, who posts on here on occasion, can fill us all in what their state of recovery and production is. Meanwhile, I'm afraid used is going to be the only way to go. And prices on everything are through the roof. Here is his Facebook page, perhaps he would respond to an inquiry there?



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Ain’t nothing wrong with Pietta now at all their QC has vastly improved.


When I first started cas I bought a Pietta 1860 at Rays Hardware in Dallas.  Their gunsmith had slicked it up and timed it.  I can turn pinwheels consistently with it.


Yeah, as much as we complain, other countries grief seams cyclical the COVID numbers recede then return with a vengeance.


Not so Shameless 

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I have a Pietta new model Remington army (erroneously called: "the model 1858"). 

It is the "shooters model", that I purchased quite a number of years ago. It's the one with the progressive rifling. 

I do like that Pietta, a lot, even though I am a long time fan of the cap & ball Uberti's. 


Yes, the quality of Pietta has really come up, in recent years, and I am grateful for that. It pretty much had no other direction to go, but up. 


One thing I do not like. I wish they would stop writing all over the barrel, and hide their mini-novels, under the loading lever, if a cap & ball; or...under the ejector housing, if a cartridge revolver, like Uberti does. To me it is unnecessary, and makes their products look hokey/cheap. When/If they will cease doing that, I will, like as not, buy more of their products.  


I guess I could, if push comes to shove, buy a Pietta, and then go get a good set of files, and abrasive paper, and get rid of all that writing. I may end up with a barrel, or another parts, as thin as a cigarette paper, by the time I'm done, but it might be an interesting experience, and I would dad-blamed sure get rid of all the writing!!!

If I was a leftist/socialist/sniffin' joe supporter, I could do that, then make up a story that I was injured by their poorly designed product, and then sue them, for enough money to open a gov. newsom fan club.

Boy howdy.  


My Two Bits.




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I want to explore the flat sided Dance Brothers ease of loading not having a flash shield.  The soldiers in the field liked this.


Should you turn the cylinder too far you can cap the cone on the other side.


I love history.


I see what you mean, but I don’t worry too much about the small print.



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