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Sling for a SxS?

Chief Rick

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Another forum - user is asking about "period correct" slings for a SxS shotgun.


I tried a search but came up with nothing.


Anybody have an example of a sling that would have been used on a SxS in the late 1800's, early 1900's?

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I think looking for "Period Correct" is a waste of time.  I have had a collection of "Antique" Exposed Hammer Side by Sides.  Almost ALL had similar square(ish) barrel attachment with a mount that screwed into the bottom rib.  The Butt stock had something quite similar.  That style is still commonly available.  Just shop around.

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“about as period correct as it can be.“


Yes, it is.

if that doesn’t suit you, put a couple sling swivels on your shot gun and improvise a sling from strap leather.  Get a leather-awl and a hand-held saddle stitcher and fabricate the sling yourself, just as was done in earlier times.  I do that now, with a number of things.....I fabricate them myself.  That is the same now as it was 150 years ago.  My work would not be off much, if any, from theirs.


Cat Brules

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