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Great to see the Quigley match. 

They mentioned the Shiloh Sharps Company, in the video. I have two Shiloh Sharps rifles.


Let's also remember, that there is another Sharps rifle manufacturer, in Big Timber, Montana, in addition to Shiloh. 

The C. Sharps Rifle Company is making the Sharps rifle in Big Timber, as well. I have one of them on order, as I type this.

They are also a high quality rifle, made in Big Timber. They do purchase their barrels from Badger Rifle Barrel Company, but make the rest of the rifle there, in house, at Big Timber. 

Both brands are fine, high quality rifles, that come out of Big Timber. I, for one, am grateful, for them making them in the United States. We are indeed blessed.

Yes, there are a couple of Italian companies, that produce a nice "Sharps", and I have one of the Cimarron imported McNelly Sharps, in 50-70, that I like very much. But, I have to say, the American made ones are better made, and for what they are asking for them, they should be!!! But, to me, it was money well spent. They are indeed an investment in FUN!!!

A really great, classic, iconic, design. 

Thank you for posting this video. Even better to see families participating, and kids, and teenagers. Eat that, sniffin' joe!!!! 

Perhaps, some day, before I go under, I can attend, and participate, in the Quigley shoot. It is on my bucket list, for sure.

I wonder.....do you suppose Tom Sellick has ever attended that event??? I figure if he did, he would be a hit, and much appreciated. 







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Have attended the Q.

Best of times!

You can have all four seasons in the same day :lol:

FWIW: Shiloh makes everything in house for their rifles.

The wood comes from Missouri. 

The fit and finish is the best out there.


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Posted (edited)

If one is interested in purchasing a reproduction of an 1885 "highwall", or a Remington Hepburn, or a Sharps, in say .50-140 caliber, then you would need to go to C. Sharps Arms Company, to purchase one. Shiloh Sharps Company does not offer these models, or this caliber, at this time.

So...it seems that there IS room for two quality American made Sharps rifle companies, in the good ole U.S. of A.

The more, the merrier.  


Shiloh Sharps Company, however, has once again resumed production of two models of a percussion Sharps. A carbine version, and a rifle version.

They had discontinued the percussion models, a few years ago, but thankfully, are offering them again.  Atta boy/girl. 


Life is/can be, pretty good, if you are an American made Sharps fan.


If Sharps rifles don't light yer fire, then Pard, yer wood is wet (among other things) !!!


Billy Dixon, and Matthew Quigley, and Bob Valdez, and Josey Wales, would be proud.   


My Two Bits.














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