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Does anyone have stage icons that I can use?

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Have you tried using MS PowerPoint?

I started using MS Word and then went to PP. 

Had a very difficult time keeping the images aligned properly with the text when using word.

Don't have that problem with PP as you can insert a text box and move it anywhere without affecting anything else on the page.  Also, you can use any picture from the web as an icon.

After finishing all the stages in PP, save as a PDF file for printing/distribution.

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Yup, Word just doesn't work well with the graphics. Gates puts them where he wants them (big surprise there.)


Excel and Power Point allow you to place graphics where YOU want them.

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I use Publisher.

Drop text boxes wherever you want them and additionally Publisher provides enough various shapes to represent differing targets or props.

And with the ability to lock images and text together - I can label tables, sg targets, etc.


Convert to PDF for internet posting.

I have a template that most of the local clubs have used for a while - so even sharing stages/ matches between clubs is no issue as we are all using the same format.



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Just let me know what kinds of icons you want and I would be happy to send you a bunch for use in anything that can place png which includes word.  



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On 4/20/2021 at 6:05 PM, Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118 said:

Here are the ones I use in word:

StageProps.doc 435 kB · 67 downloads

I started to upload my collection, but yours has almost everything I would have provided.

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I am not the author of the attached but I'm sure he wouldn't mind.  Cavalier Cowboys in Montpelier, VA. 

Cavalier Draw Props v6 (Word 97-2003).docx

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Here's the other local prop document from the Mattaponi Sundowners club in West Point, VA. 


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