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2021 NICS Checks on a Record Track

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Biden is on track to beat Obama as gun salesman of the year.


My lady used the word "devastation" to describe the gun counters at Buds in Sevierville. There is no inventory. But it is not due to a lack of manufacturing, it is due to buying. There is no inventory because every gun produced gets sold almost as soon as it hits retail.


And many buyers are getting there first firearm. This is good. At least a million this year so far, several million last year. Perhaps five million last year.


A couple more years of this and common-sense violence control against repeat-offender criminals might be the new direction. So many who thought gun control only affected criminals are finding out it targets law abiding citizens instead, and has no affect on criminal violence.


Then they find out the "common sense" applies to law abiding citizens, applies to them!


Welcome them and their new enlightenment.

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