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The little woman needs a nice revolver in .38 special...................except evidently many little women choose something else.

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My wife doesn't have the time or inclination to go shooting with me much now that we have kids, but she understands the need for CC.  I stick to revolvers for myself for many reasons, but one is because she doesn't need much range time to understand the manual of arms.  My wife appreciates that I keep downloaded ammo around for her personal use if she decides she wants to use it for something.  


at one time we went to a range and rented every single and double stack 380 on the market, but none of them were to her liking, so we tabled the wife gun discussion until we're out of debt.  I did recently find out that she's been thinking about a NAA mini for deep concealment after seeing one at her dad's house.  I've been in the market myself so that might be a near future gun purchase, I know I'll use it, even if she decides she doesn't like it.


On 4/17/2021 at 8:08 PM, TN Mongo, SASS #61450 said:

She didn't like the J framed Smiths and the grip of the Ruger LCR wasn't to her liking.  Then she picked up my Ruger SP 101 that has been smoothed up and has a spring kit in it.  I couldn't get it out of her hands.  She shoots it well double action, but she's much more accurate shooting it in single action mode.  I think the added weight and Hogue grips made the recoil more acceptable to her than the LCR or the J framed Smiths.


+1 to everyone who said SP101, that's a great gun for anyone.  I prefer the 4" model .357 with fiber optic sight.


I've moved on to the charter arms Pro V myself, it's the same weight as an SP101 (Jonathan's rules for ideal belt conceal carry revolver, rule number 1: weight between 25 and 30 Oz), but has 6 shots instead of 5 and can be picked up about $200+ cheaper than the Ruger.

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On 4/15/2021 at 8:10 PM, DeaconKC said:

The NRA ran a study over a couple of years on what women liked in guns. It was conducted by women and was one of the very best articles I have ever read.


This was called the Ladies Pistol Project for anyone interested in checking it out.  They've done at least 3 so far. 






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