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Cleaning house and I have several sets of leather and single pieces.

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I have two complete sets of leather one is all tan with a strong side, right, holster and a cross draw.  The other is a black and mahagany both holsters are straight draw.  Both sets are fancy if you consider stamping fancy.(SPF)  Both sets are someone on the large side, I wear a 50" pants.  Both are $275 shipped.  


I also have leather and holsters that I purchased for my grandson when he started shooting.  One set is two belts and one holster and look like a fast draw rig, the belts are marked 32 and the second one is 34 which I assume is the size as Eli wears a 32 pants and both fit him.  $150 shipped


The next single rig is marked 36 and has one holster.  $150 shipped


Last I have a shotgun belt of canvis and leather.  It should fit anyone from a 48 to 56 I believe, see pictures.  $85 shipped (SPF)


All holsters fit SAA or New Vaquero


Let me know if you want other pictures or more information.  

detail .jpg

detail both double rigs.jpg

black belt.jpg

brown double.jpg

shotgun 2.jpg

brown and shotgun.jpg

Brown 2.jpg

single holster.jpg


Single brown.jpg


gunfight holster.jpg

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Some itesm sold.
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The tan rig, the bottom one in the pic that shows all of them, looks like an El Paso Saddlery "Speed Rig".  Good stuff.

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Maybe I missed it, but what is the length and price of the brown leather belt with no loops?

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ok, 54 inches. How much do you want for it?

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I'm pretty new to all of this. Would the  black and mahogany holsters hold a 1858 new army or a 1860 army? If so I'd be interested in that and the shotgun belt. 



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