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"The Sheriff's Office Will Be There To Arrest You In 45 Minutes. "

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10 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

I get those calls a lot.  Sometimes I tell them, good, I want free food and shelter can you hurry, I'm hungry right now.


I got a call offering help paying off my student loans,  which I had paid off in the '80s, on an evening when I just couldn't get to sleep. 


I strung the guy along for about 10 minutes,  got past the "initial screening for gullibility" and got transferred up the line.  I  strung that guy along for close to half an hour and finally got sleepy.   So I laughed,  told the guy I had been feeding him a pack of lies because I was bored and couldn't sleep.   He got mad at me for "wasting his time. "

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A couple of days ago I got a call from a scammer with a heavy accent, "Have you received your new Medicare Card?" 

I asked, "Where are you calling from?  Your accent sounds like you are calling from India."  

Scammer: "Oh no.  I'm....one moment...." 

CLICK.  I hung up.

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"The Sheriff's office (or police or whoever) will be there in 45 minutes to arrest you."
"Good, tell them to go into my office and bring the thermos I left sitting on my desk. It's right behind the name plate that says CAPTAIN."

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Just think how many Indian people are employed by these scammers!  I'm surprised the captain didn't identify herself as a police officer.  Bet that would have resulted in a rapid "click". 

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I used to play with them, but now that we get about 15-20 of these robo calls a day, I don't answer the phone any more. If you want me, leave a message. The caller ID on my phone was made by one of those Indians I think, I can't understand a thing she says. Turn off the ringer and check the phone now and again.

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I have Comcast VOIP and leave my voice mailbox perpetually full.
NoMoRobo.com is a free blocking service on land lines.
You get 1 ring, then gone.

I also have a whitelist on the wall by the phone.
If their CallerID does not identify them, I have no need to talk to them.
If you want to speak with me, fix your CallerID.

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