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WTS original 1876 Winchester short rifle. Price drop.

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I've got an original Winchester 1876 in .45-60.  This is in the 22" barrel configuration.  HOWEVER it may not have left the factory that way.  If it was shortened post factory it was done long ago.   The wood is solid on it.   Cycles just fine.  I have not shot it.  Bore is what you would expect from a 140 year old gun.  I have been working on it and it gets better but it still has dark spots, pits etc.  I was gifted some stuff by some good folks here in the wire when I picked this up so i will include that.  Some cast bullets in 300/325 grain and some .45-70 brass.  The brass is for lever guns and is a bit short of the standard length.


EDIT> Forgot to mention that sometime in the past someone lost the mag tube cap.  There is a hardwood plug in the tube now.  It's been there along time.  Seems pretty solid.


The only reason I'm looking to move this is I really don't want to get into cutting down brass and coming up with a hole new load etc.  I'm trying to simplify my life.


I'm putting a value of $2500 on this.


Sale price.  $2250.  Brass/bullets are free to the buyer


NOW $1900.  I can do a part trade.




ADDED> I would be interested in a Schofield or S&W Russian copy.  Maybe an 1866 or 1860 henry repro.


1895 Winchesters.  ..30-40 Krag,  .30-06 etc.


Colts in .45 Colt, .38-40


i prefer original Colt/Winchester but might need a Browning repro.


Cash added on trades depending what you have.


Shoot me a message if you are interested.





20201217_121256 (1).jpg

20201217_121325 (1).jpg


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