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Looking for .45ACP cylinders for the below listed .45Colt SAA clones

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Aloha y'all!  I'm looking to finagle some .45ACP cylinders for the reel guns listed so I can hoard selectivly use my .45colt cowboy action rounds and still pew-pew at the range.


Uberti el Patron SS 4.75"

Pietta Sheriff Ni 3.5"


prefer Blued cylinders so I'll know instantly .45Colt from .45ACP


Appreciation in advance for the time it takes you to read my post and get me pointed in the right direction on where to find the cylinders!

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15 hours ago, Doc Marks said:

I have a blued Pietta 45acp cylinder.  $110 shipped conus. New/unused

PM sent

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