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I was browsing the net tonight for percussion caps. On Gun broker a  can of 100 Remington #10 caps went for $75 + $17 shipping!   $92 total for a can that cost, at most,  $8 before the shortage. That's almost a buck a cap!


Hogleg - reporting straight from Bizarro World



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WOW!... I have several tins of #10 Remington caps


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I was in a store a couple weeks ago that had about a dozen tins of Remington caps.  Less than $10 a tin I think.  I bought a couple and left the rest for other folks.

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I could retire if I sold my inventory on Gun Broker!  :)


But then my 45's don't shoot paper money and I am already retired.  :blink:  

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I have recently gotten back into coin collecting.

I saw a Bicentennial quarter on ebay for $3000.

This is a pretty common quarter. So why $3000?

I guess why not?

Somebody's fishin'!

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