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0924-0926 2021 Illowa Irregulars Fall Round-Up, Milan Illinois (IA/IL Quad Cities Area)

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Fall Round-Up 2021, our 3-day annual event scheduled for Sept 24-26, will consist of  Side Matches, a Warm-up match and a free pizza party on the 24th, a Saturday night banquet and two fun-filled days of Cowboy Action Shooting on the 25th and 26th, ending with a Sunday afternoon awards luncheon.  Late September is a beautiful time of year in the upper Midwest.  Whether you live close, have to drive a bit, or want to take a road trip, you should consider coming to Fall Round-Up 2021.  Be sure to mark your calendars, put back a little ammo if it’s scarce, then join us for Fall Round-Up 2021.  You’ll be glad you did. 

You can download the registration form by clicking here . For more information about our club go to www.illowairregulars.com. 


To give you a sense of what we have planned, we created a series of 10 Teaser Videos, five of which have been released (as of the time of this posting), with the second set of five being released about one every four weeks.  Besides giving you a sense of FRU ‘21’s theme, we will be incorporating elements of each of the 10 videos into our 10 FRU ’21 stages, whether it’s a stage line, the gun order, a target, a prop, or some combination of them.  What are they specifically you ask?  That’s a closely guarded secret only a few people know – not even our local club members will be privy to all the details.  You’ll have to join us to find out, or worse, hear about it after the fact.  Links to the currently released Teaser videos, as well as a couple of other club videos, are included below. 

Thanks for your time.  We look forward to seeing you wherever and whenever that may be.  

Popcorn Kelly
Communications Director
Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club


Teaser Videos:  Here is a list and links to the videos currently released in chronological order:

Christmas Video: Teaser #1

FRU '21 Teaser #2: When You Hang A Man

FRU '21 Teaser #3: You People Need a New Sheriff

FRU '21 Teaser #4: Spin Your Chair Around

FRU '21 Teaser #5: Paint the Whole Town




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