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Marlin Carrier Repair

Doc Hurd #12379

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I remember someone on the SASS wire that came highly recommended to repair MarlIN  carriers in such a way that you no longer needed to worry about the MarlIN jam does anyone remember who this was and who could help me out with their name or a contact number?


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Howdy DOC.


Indeed.... it is Gunner Gatlin:   616 / 901-2579


His method in fixing the carrier timing ramp is 1st rate, and permanent.


If you are going to shoot ammo that is shorter than normal OAL ammo, ask him to give you about

a .005 height in the ramp.   But if you plan to shoot normal OAL ammo or longer than normal,

just tell him to keep it like the factory.


If ya got any questions, feel free to call me at:  865 / 696-1996


Gunner is also a great Pard.




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Just finished one using Coyote Caps method heated the carrier and moved it .05 after polishing away the grove. However be aware they are picky about COL it dont care for the shorter 160gr rnfp but ran smooth as silk with the longer 200gr rnfp this was a trial and error repair. 

Renegade Ripley

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Howdy Renegade.


Bending the carrier is an effective method but a word of caution to those who prefer to do it

on their carrier.


1.  Overheating the carrier can destroy the plunger stud spring in the newer style carriers.   When that

spring becomes 'springless', you'll have problems with the carrier rising up to the chamber when

you close the action.


2.  Some of the 'tongues' on the front of the carrier are shorter than normal, even some new factory

carriers.   The 'tongue' is the part that sticks out the bottom of the receiver when the action is closed.

Anyhow, when a carrier is 'bent' upwards, this tongue will also rise up when the carrier moves upwards

towards the chamber.  The 'tongue' is used to block the subsequent rounds in the portal from

popping out and going UNDER the carrier.    Bending the carrier upwards can cause that tongue

to be ineffective on keeping those rounds in the portal.

These type jams are worse than the notorious 'Marlin Jam'.


I have seen a few 'bent' carriers that were successful and worked great.

But I have seen a few more that were heated and bent that didn't turn out

so well for the owner.


Just thought I would share in case others are considering the 'bend' method.




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I should have given the warning it is a delicate action to try, this time i was lucky, 

Thanks Widder



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22 minutes ago, Jackrabbit Joe #414 said:

yo Warden sent you PM & info



Marlin carrier fix 3.JPG

Marlin Carrier Fix 7.JPG


I've used JB Weld to get an idea if building up the will fix the feed problem.  Then MIG weld. The wire I use makes a bump so hard I have to use a diamond crusted bit in a Dremel tool to cut it.   But now I have a neighbor with a TIG welder and knows how to use it.


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Yo-H- Warden: Have fixed quite a few of these and never have  had any one with a problem again with their Marlin Rifle.

Best to you pilgrim.




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