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Non-SASS question— Hi-Vel #2 powder

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Howdy Pards


It a non-sass question but we are not one-trick ponies. There are lots of knowledgeable Pards out there and I’m hoping that some might have some input.


Hi-Vel #2.  Those born during the Roosevelt/Truman era may remember reading articles on this long-discontinued rifle powder (1960’s). Shooting buddy has 3 sealed 1lb cans of it. He was inquiring as to loading data for it and whether the cans have collector value.


I did a very cursory search. Apparently there’s still a lot of it out there and people have questions on reloading data for it.  There was a prevailing view that 50+ yr old powder, not withstanding it being sealed and how carefully it might have been stored, could be subject to chemical deterioration. I agree and recommended that he not use it for reloading.

That brings up the question of collector value.  Is there a market for old powder cans? Do people really collect them? If so, is there a website for a collector group(s)? I did see an old eBay notice of auction of a very old can of Hi-Vel #2 so perhaps there is interest out there somewhere.


At any rate, any perspectives you have to share would be appreciated.




Fort Reno Kid 

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Yes, collectors pay pretty well for old powder cans in good shape.  More than the powder was/is worth.  Check out Gun Broker and other firearms auction sites, eBay, etc.


There are old copies of loading manual s around that have Hi-Vel #2 data in them.   Even well stored, the powder is probably not very usable at this point.  If it smells acidic, bitter, or has odd colors (red, yellow), then it would not be in shape to use for sure.


Here's and example of a load with Hi-Vel 2 from the Ideal loading handbook #36, published in 1949.


For the 30-06 rifle

150 grain jacketed bullet   45.0 grains Hi-Vel 2 making 2730 feet per second   (note: no further details on the bullet make, nor primer, nor case published with the data).


HV2 was more of a varmint rifle powder than for use in a big game rifle.


Good luck, GJ     

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