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You cannot use 45-70 smokeless load data for the 45-90. The case volume is larger and therefore requires different load data.


The 45-90 is really a BP cartridge and very few people shoot smokeless powder which is why there is almost no smokeless load data.  


You can always shoot 45-70 cartridges in it. 

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If you look, you can find data online for it. You can try the Trail Boss formula (Hodgdon website)for light loads, if you want smokeless and jacketed.

Makes a nice light load; tried them on a new barrel for break-in. Now dirty, filthy Black all the way!

Not sure about Varget, but I think I've seen 4895 data. Again, wasn't looking for smokeless loads.

Treat yourself to some 500-550 gr lead and top off the BP and make some smoke! Enjoy

I'm sure Lumpy will be chimin' in... he knows.

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If ya wanna go the BP way, BPCR (black powder cartridge rifle) rifle guys know it as the .45 x 2.4 cartridge.

If you look up the designation or BPCR, you can find a bunch as well. Got mine last year and have been rabid on finding data on all things .45-90.

Some really good links out there and some great vendors, most of them BPCR shooters themselves. (Buffalo Arms , SPG and Lee Shaver) to name a couple.

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