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Need a gunsmith for Colt 1911s.

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Looking for a smith to change the hammers on my two colt 1911  in Houston area.


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  • Pit Bull Tex changed the title to Need a gunsmith for Colt 1911s.

Lumpy, he said his Colts were in the Houston area.

Since we do not know where he is, he may not be able to reach them.  :D:D:D

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Just about any gunsmith, and lots of parts changers, can put in new 1911 hammers and tune the trigger pull.  One of the simplest jobs going. 

While doing this, I'd have them put in at least a fresh sear spring and mainspring in each gun.


Would be hard to beat

Jess Briley

1230 Lumpkin Rd, Houston, Texas 77043

(713) 932-6995


Call ahead and see how busy they are.


good luck, GJ


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My colts are with me in Baytown.Not far from Houston.I will do the work on my cowboy guns but not these 1911.I know my limitations.Thanks for the info.I will get someone to do it.I will call Mr Briley and go from there.Thanks again



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Alan Harton is very well respected with single actions and that includes 1911s.  He's usually got a long backlog though. 





Lately I've been using Eddie's Custom Guns in the heights.  He's done a good job with everything so far. 

(713) 702-3436


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I only had one to do.  The swap was easy, getting the new trigger to fit (and break vleanly) took some polishing, though.

If I had to do more than one, I’d likely go to a gunsmith (especially so they can be close to identical)

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Jess Brileys gunsmith did  a great action job on a Springfield XD, and Alan Harton did great action jobs on six uberti Open Tops.  

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