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Bill Oglesby tuned Rugers

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I have a pair of Old Model Vaqueros in .44 mag, SS, one 4 5/8" other 5 1/2".  The short one has his SASS name on the barrel.  They are the best gunsmithed guns I have ever played with. I just wish they were in .44WCF mot mag.  Mr James action work on a Colt is close but the Colf fills different so it is like Apples and Oranges.  Would like a pair of USFAs setup by Bill Oglesby as they would be out of this world if the Rugers are any indication.

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Yer mags will shoot 44Colt or 44Russian very well.

In addition, 44Russian is a period correct cartridge when filled with black powder, if that is important to you.


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20 or 25 yrs ago Bill Oglesby was very big in SASS. 

He put out some fantastic Guns. He has some vidos on u tube.

He got Big fast , and started hiring people , that wasn't as skilled .

Enuff said.

He did put on a Fantastic shoot in Barry Illinois .

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Dawg you seen them at the Indiana State Shot back about 05-06.  I have shoot very few smokeless rounds in SASS since 1999-2000.  The first couple years of the Black Powder Guild with the SeaCow running it my son-in-law and me helped run the long range rifle.  

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