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Sources for free lead, I had an idea…

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Sources for free lead, I had an idea…



Season is winding down; I’ve got about only 400 rounds left.   I’m a bit on the conservative side so I’m looking for sources of free lead before Spring.


At work I’ve been tripping over an old car battery.  Been laying in the warehouse for about a year…hmmmm.


Now some Cowpokes caution against recycling car batteries because of hazardous materials like sulfuric acid.  Well Cowpokes shoot guns, handle lead bullets, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and drive Fords which ain’t the safest ether, so why not recycle the lead from car batteries ask I?


So I hoisted that car battery up on Gray and took it back to the ranch.


Took the fill caps off the top and drained the sulfuric acid.  For proper disposal of sulfuric you will need to fill out Federal Environmental Protection Agency, State Board of Health, County Health forms and notify the local Fire and Police departments.  DO NOT DISPOSE SULFURIC ACID BY DUMPING ON THE GROUND!


The wife has been treating all the neighborhood stray cats for worms.  I’ve noticed that the worm medicine is so strong, that the grass dies where the cats recycle their food intake (poop).  And if you ignore my “DO NOT DISPOSE SULFURIC ACID BY DUMPING ON THE GROUND!” you will not be able to convince nobody (especially my wife) that it was the cat’s worm medicine poop that has killed off her flower garden and ate thru the steel water line to the house.  Trust me on this one.


Then using cold water (after water line is repaired) to flush any remaining sulfuric acid from the battery.  Contain all rinse water and dispose of per Federal Environmental Protection Agency, State Board of Health, County Health Fire and Police departments’ guidelines.  Dumping the rinse water into a ditch will kill most of the neighbor pets, all vegetation down stream for 2 miles and will also lead to a very difficult explanation to the arresting Officers.


After bonding out of the calaboose I used a hacksaw and tried to cut the plastic case off.  Don’t use you favorite hacksaw, better yet borrow one from an anti-gun neighbor because no matter how well your rinsed the sulfuric acid out of the battery, the hacksaw ain’t going to be worth much when done.


Using a butane torch to burn off the plastic case works but make sure you stand up wind.  Boiling sulfuric acid residual mixed with plastic case fumes all blowing down wind has the tendency to kill shrubbery and the rest of the neighborhood pets, including gold fish in indoor aquariums.  When the Federal Carpet Baggers arrived, suggesting that it was a terrorist act will keep your bond from being revoked.  Trust me on this one.


Fire up your outdoor melting pot and start throwing sections of the battery in.  After burning up a half tank of LP you will noticed that in between every 6 wafers is a substance that will not burn or melt and sucks up the heat.  Manually remove this substance.  After 6 hours (not counting jail time) I have ¼” of lead covered by a 1” of dross in the melting pot.   My cost breaks down to:


Butane torch fuel $2.

Refill LP tank $22.

Flower garden replacement: $247.13

Repair of water line:  $785.54

Bond Agent:  $500.


Total is $1,556.67 for about a pound of lead.  Cost does not include pending lawsuits or gold fish replacement.


My conclusion is using car batteries for a source of lead is viable.  I’ve got most of the remains of one battery left and if pressed I can leave it go for $2 or $3 thousand dollars.  I figure at that price I’d have enough to recoup my costs with some left over to skip the territory.

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15 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

Here ya go...much cheaper. 

12.5 lbs Clean Lead Ingots https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00GNWFX2O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_4BFHJFK4MK5BSX0T9T9F


Totally surprised I found these on Amazon. :D

$65 with free delivery?   I'd bet that's how China solved it's spent radioactive Nuclear power plant fuel disposable problem. 

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Certified pure lead is $3.00 per pound to your door as long as you buy a minimum of 35 lbs. You know exactly what you are buying. No waste, No zinc, nothing but lead.


All the titles on Ebay say "pure clean lead" then when you read through the descriptions you see that they are getting their lead from bullet traps, scrap yards, etc and that it is not pure lead but some unknown alloy. 

In one description he states that he is selling "foundry lead" Then he says it is range scrap comprised of 96% PB 3% SB 1% SN with a BN of 11. Then later on he says the lead is an alloy with a BN of 9. This gives me pause as the sellers cannot even tell you what they are selling.


Might not matter to some people but when it comes to my cap guns I want PURE lead and not some unknown alloy that is of an unknown hardness.

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