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I bought a new Benelli, which is an amazing gun in its own right. It comes with shims and spacers to change the buttstock’s drop, length, and cast. 

I’ve never had these choices in a gun before.  How do I know if I need to make a change, other than to make one and see if it feels better?


Any guidance is much appreciated. 

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Mount the unloaded gun while facing a mirror, as if you were shooting at a quail going straight away.  It should be pointed at the reflection of your eye.


Then hang an old bedsheet at about 30 yards, with a spot of paint in the center.  Shoot about 5 shots at the spot.  If the pattern is centered on the spot, or about 6" higher for flushing birds, it is about right.



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+1 for Duffield.

Fit is the most important factor of a shotgun since how your cheek plants on that stock, eye dominance, use of the gun (moving versus stationary) all make up the rear sight on a gun that typically has only a front sight.

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There are many different theories on shotgun fit. A good place to start is throw the gun up with your eyes closed . Are you looking down the rib , across the rib , over it , at the back of the receiver? Now do it 10 times , is it the same every time ? If not you need to work on your gun mount . Until it is consistent you can drive yourself nutz trying to get the proper gun fit . I’ve seen shooters with adjustable comb and morgan pad stocks drive themselves crazy making constant adjustments . 

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Personally, If you have one nearby, I would go to a shotgun range that has a “Pro Shop” (not sure what it’s really called) and work with someone that works at the range to get your gun fitted to you. 

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